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BIOPLASM Bioresonance and biofeedback courses in English

Bioresonance course bioplasm model device


Bioresonance and biofeedback course Bioplasm device, online course, The course is organized with a list of content, organized from the most basic to the most complex. The basic definitions are in written format in English and each class also has support material, many books written in several languages, the explanatory videos are with audio in spanish and it is possible to use the subtitle function in English, the course allows you to download the content and you can ask questions for 6 months. 

course value = 600 dollars
payment method = paypal

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                                                         COURSE CONTEN 


1.1    Bioresonance

1.2    Biofeedback

1.3    George Lakhovsky

1.4    Kirlian Aura

1.5   Dr. Voll electroacupuncture  drug test

1.6   Royal Rife HUlda Clark Frequencies

1.7   Medical diagnosis v/s to bioresonance diagnosis

1.8   Quantum therapy -quantum medicine and bioresonance

1.9 Scientific aspect

1.10  holistic bioresonance hypothesis




 2.1 Record creation

2.2 Device connection

2.3 Backup save

2.4 First therapy session

2.5 Quick analysis

2.6 Research type express normal detailed science

2.7 Printing report3  



3.1   Etalon

3.2   Control Points

3.3   ISE spectral similarity index

3.4   Adjust all

3.5 Entropy analysis

3.6   Vegeto test

3.7   five  levels of analysis

3.8  Etalon Object

3.9 option configuration

3.10 Graphic analysis

3.11 Auriculotherapy

3.12 iridology

3.13 Organic preparations




4.1 Express and standard therapy

4.2 Cell therapy

4.3 DNA therapy

4.4 Acupuncture points Chinese medicine

4.5 Even therapy and odd therapy ( how many therapies to perform?

4.6 Moon function therapy 

4.7  Systems therapy

4.8 Distance therapy (scalar biophoton, interferometer, transperson psychology, black box)




5.1  Pathomorphology and chakras-

5,2  Food Allergies

5.3  Alkaline Acid

5.4 -Lzheimer-

5.5a Cancer

5.5b  cancer and metastasis bioresonance hypothesis



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